Conte took only the top 4, quitting the world, overtaking Singha

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Tottenham Hotspur head coach Antonio Conte said at a press conference ahead of Brighton’s meeting (April 16) that he would like to serve himself to the best of his ability with his original goal of finishing fourth in order to qualify for the Champions League. The League does not hope to overtake Chelsea in third place, although it is still mathematically possible.

Spurs have 57 points from 31 games, five behind the ‘ Blues ‘ , playing more than one game ufabet , theoretically able to overtake.  

But in practice, the Italian coach said it was too much. Fight to maintain the standard, win every remaining game in order not to let the fifth Arsenal climb to compete for the Champions League ticket . That’s enough .  

“ First of all, we have to think about ourselves, look at only ourselves, not other opponents, ” Conte said.

“ Arsenal has more than one game left in hand , but this is not a contender with just the ‘ guns ‘ , probably Manchester United , West Ham , Wolverhampton . 

“ If we just compete in this group, we can be number one. Just don’t make many mistakes. It is very important to feel the right time to push up. ” 

“ For us this Saturday game is very important. Because they faced really strong opponents, like the last two times when they duel, the legs were quite problematic because Brighton managed the team well , had quality players , managers , good teams . ”

“ The last match against Arsenal, I had the opportunity to watch too. They deserved to win, didn’t get the fluke, but they really deserved it. ” 

Asian Handicap Spurs per goal -10, aggregate score of two and a half.