Barnes pointed out that it’s not yet time for the boat – Swan’s elite rival

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John Barnes is also opposed to Jay Carragher, who says the Liverpool-Manchester City battle is the greatest in Premier League history.

         Before meeting at Etihad Stadium last week, the former “Reds” defender expressed concern that the duo’s encounter was the biggest ever in English football ufabet. And it’s a battle between two of the best managers in the world.

         However, in Barnes’ view. It is too early to consider the two teams’ meeting as the best fight compared to Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger. That led Manchester United and Arsenal to pound together for a decade. But in the future it might be possible to do so.

         “Despite the view from Jamie Carragher. Manchester City vs Liverpool is not the best opponent in Premier League history,” Barnes told Bonus Code Bets.

   “Of course not at the moment. Especially when you remember Arsene Wenger against Sir Alex Ferguson in the Arsenal vs Manchester United game and how they faced each other over the years.

         “City and Liverpool are definitely the biggest rivals if you look at them in the last three years when Jurgen Klopp first came in charge seven years ago there was no fight like that. So it’s been a real improvement over the last 3 years if it continues like this. It might become the biggest battle for sure.”

         “When you look at Wenger and Ferguson, what have you been through together? It’s too early to say this is the greatest.”